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Template 3 -- Gauge is 4 st, 5.75 rows = 1 inch

Blocks are 5" square
Inner blanket (before border) is 30" x 40" (6 blocks wide x 8 blocks high)
Finished blanket is 33"" x 43" including 1-1/2" border

The blanket is made in 6 panels, joined as you go, then finished with a crocheted border.
Each 5" block is 21 st by 28 rows (which allows for ½ stitch overlap in joining the panels).
For a bigger blanket, just knit more blocks per panel and more panels.

Panel 1: Cast on 21 st.
Work 28 rows. Place a safety pin at the bottom edge to mark bottom of work.
Remove stitches onto a slim knitting needle (or garter bar if you have one).
Turn work around. Hang back on machine, knit side facing you.
Keep repeating: knit 28 rows, turn, knit 28 rows, turn, . . . until the strip has 8 blocks.
Do backstitch bind-off.

Panels 2-6:
Work like panel 1, but join previous work as you go. Tips for doing this:
  • Note the safety pin to be sure you're starting at the bottom of the work.
  • Be sure the blocks are alternating knit and purl. Join a block that has knit facing you.
  • Hang the "knots," not the "loops." When joining knits to purls, this results in a nicer join.
  • When making panels 2,4,6, the work to be joined will start on the right and the knots will be rows 2,4,6, .... Hang the row 2 knot after knitting row 2, and so on.
  • When making panels 3 and 5, the work to be joined will start on the left and the knots will be rows 1,3,5, ... Hang the row 1 knot after making row 1, and so on.

Crocheted border: Use I hook.
Round 1: Sc around: sc every other row on sides and every 1-1/2 st on top and bottom, except go to 2nd stitch across strip transitions. Work 2 extra st at corner each corner.
Rounds 2-5" Work in extended sc in front loops only, or work other pattern of your choice.
...........To do extended sc: With a loop on the hook, pull up a loop in next st, chain 1 through that loop, pull a loop through both loops on hook

Lightly steam and finger-press the edges, just inside the border, to eliminate tendency to curl. (Don't touch the iron to the yarn -- hold it 1/2"- 1" or so above the work, let the steam penetrate, then use your finger tips to gently do the pressing. I finger press the top and bottom edges on the wrong side, the sides edges on the right side because of the direction of the curl.)